Koine Greek & Hebrew

This page plays host to a collection of posts and materials to aid in the learning of Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

Koine Greek


Blank 2-1-2 Greek Practice chart  – This is a .docx file with two copies of the same blank chart fitted onto 1 page. Columns are labeled: 2 (M/f), 1 (F/m), and 2 (N). Row names down the left side follow the N, G, D, A pattern for Nominative, Genitive, Dative, and Accusative.

Blank Masculine-Feminine-Neuter Greek Practice chart – A .docx document. Same as the Blank 2-1-2 but with Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter naming the columns. This one has practicing articles in mind but could easily be used in other instances as well.

Hand-drawn 2-1-2 and article practice sheet – Use this to help memorize case endings as well as the masculine, feminine, & neuter articles. There’s a separate hand-drawn chart for each all on 1 sheet of paper. (pdf)


Greek Verbal Formulas

Online Greek case ending practice (2-1-2)

Online 3rd Declension case ending practice (3-3)

Square of Stops practice and information

Verb Endings Four-Quad Charts


Biblestudytools.com – useful website that includes lexicons for Greek as well as many more tools for study.

Direct link to the lexicons: https://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/

Biblicalgreek.org – many resources and video including study helps for pronunciation, vocabulary and more. This is part of the Institute of Biblical Greek.





Instagram – there are many things to follow here including informational/educational things like Hebrew Academy which is just 1 example of something I follow to get opportunities to interact with the Hebrew language more – even when I’m browsing Instagram.