Koine Greek & Hebrew

This page plays host to a collection of posts and materials to aid in the learning of Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

Koine Greek


Peek of Blank 2-1-2 Greek Practice chart

Blank 2-1-2 Greek Practice chart  – This is a .docx file with two copies of the same blank chart fitted onto 1 page. Columns are labeled: 2 (M/f), 1 (F/m), and 2 (N). Row names down the left side follow the N, G, D, A pattern for Nominative, Genitive, Dative, and Accusative.

Peek of Blank Masculine-Feminine-Neuter Greek Practice chart

Blank Masculine-Feminine-Neuter Greek Practice chart – A .docx document. Same as the Blank 2-1-2 but with Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter naming the columns. This one has practicing articles in mind but could easily be used in other instances as well.

Hand-drawn 2-1-2 and article practice sheet – Use this to help memorize case endings as well as the masculine, feminine, & neuter articles. There’s a separate hand-drawn chart for each all on 1 sheet of paper. (pdf)


Greek Verbal Formulas

Online Greek case ending practice (2-1-2)

Online 3rd Declension case ending practice (3-3)

Square of Stops practice and information

Verb Endings Four-Quad Charts


Biblestudytools.com – useful website that includes lexicons for Greek as well as many more tools for study.

Direct link to the lexicons: https://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/

Biblicalgreek.org – many resources and videos including study helps for pronunciation, vocabulary, and more. This is part of the Institute of Biblical Greek.




Hebrew Tidbit posts are where short snippets of Hebrew are taught. These are taken from things I have already learned.

  1. Tidbit #1 – Reading Hebrew text
  2. Tidbit #2 – What to call the Hebrew alphabet
  3. Tidbit #3 – Hebrew vowel names
  4. Tidbit #4 – Shalom with and without vowel markings
  5. Tidbit #5 – Biblical versus Modern Hebrew
  6. Tidbit #6 – Aspect language, not tense-based
  7. Tidbit #7 – Hebrew cursive writing (video)
  8. Tidbit #8 – Hin-ay / Hinei
  9. Tidbit #9 – Hebrew and Aramaic
  10. Tidbit #10 – Aramaic’s Relation to Hebrew


Animated Hebrew – quite a few study materials originally developed for a Hebrew course. Many of the tools pair well with Allen P. Ross’s book Introducing Biblical Hebrew.

Instagram – there are many things to follow here including informational/educational things like Hebrew Academy which is just 1 example of something I follow to get opportunities to interact with the Hebrew language more – even when I’m browsing Instagram.

unfoldingWord Hebrew Grammar – great source to look up Hebrew anything. I use it most for the various word stems.

YouTube – quite a bit of content here actually.

HebrewPod101.com has a YT channel with all sorts of free content to help in learning Hebrew. Content here does get into modern use but this is hugely different (thankfully) – though word usage frequency is certainly different.

The following video goes over the Hebrew alefbet, vowels, and a song to help you remember the alelfbet (alphabet as English speakers would call it).

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