This blog is my place to post answers to questions from friends, family, and various online denizens. All of this revolves around the Bible, God’s word to all those who would believe. To answer accurately, the scriptures must be held as the ultimate source to go to. Any portion of the Bible used must be understood in light of the others parts. This is part of reading in context. Without such an approach, one inevitably draws erroneous and potentially heretical (that which would effectively create a new belief counter to and not supported by God or His word) conclusions.

It is my goal to stay true to Scripture and this is the 66 books of the Bible. This, of course, excludes what are called the Apocrypha as well as various other “gospels” that were written primarily by Gnostics, an early heretical sect.

Curious about the “angle” of this blog besides what’s been stated thus far?

Ok, as the writer I would say I hold to the 5 Solas. However, to keep this short I would focus on just one which is Sola Scriptura, scripture alone. From this one, you can find the other 4 within God’s Word.

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