Simply me . . .

A Few Random Things About Be:

I’m a techie – often commentate on various tech online, built my own computer, etc. – the typical tech-related stuff.

I’ve been a science teacher, tech supporter, “unofficial” missionary, and ESL teacher among various other roles in my life and career.

I love Jesus Christ and intend to learn and share all that I can.

I am currently undergoing studies to grow my understanding and skills to better serve the body of Christ. Want to know more about this aspect of myself? Check out CBTS where I am seeking out an M. Div.

One_Monk is a sort of pen name I use.

I am an individual member of the Conservative Baptist Network.

For more specifics on where I stand on things theologically as a Christian, look no further than the list below. Each item will be followed by one word or brief description as to where I stand. The links are from the previous method and are being removed over time.

  • Alcohol – Temperance
  • Apologetics – Presuppositional (though not exclusively)
  • Baptism – Credo-baptist
  • Christology – Orthodox – see the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds
  • Confessions/Creeds – Everyone has them (whether they think they do or not)
  • Creation – Young-Earth Creationist
  • Eschatology (End Times) – On Eschatology
  • Justice – Biblical Justicis or Social Righteousness
  • Logic – question everything.
  • Man’s Will
  • Regulative Principle – Relative Principle of the Church – Elder-led/Church Discipline/Scope to Worship
  • Scripture – The Word of God – God Inspired – Inerrant & Infallible
  • Sex – within Monogomous Marriage
  • Soteriology (Salvation) – Calvinist or Grace Monergist
  • Spiritual Gifts – Cessationist but God will do what He wills.

Older descriptions of my positions:


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