On Evangelism and Missions

If you do not already know, this is a post that helps you the reader to become more acquainted with where I – the author of this site – stand on various topics and theological points. Please, keep reading to see where I stand on today’s topic.

Evangelism and missions are two terms closely associated with one another but not exactly the same thing. Regardless, because of their close affiliation, I will deal with them together here.

For this post, I will be simplifying my stance into a series of bulleted points. Anything that goes unmentioned directly is either implied in one of the points or I am refraining from speaking as I work to more formerly and clearly cement my position.

Of note:

  • The term “frozen chosen” is a lazy-one’s choice of words claiming all Calvinists are inherently non-evangelical/missional. While this can certainly be true of Hyper-Calvinists, it is not of true Calvinists–hence why I call the broad-brushing of all Calvinists with that term lazy (and even disingenuous).
  • Calvin’s own theology demands evangelism and from there, missions.
    • He was actively involved in mission efforts to France in a tumultuous time there of persecution.
    • There was involvement in an attempt to reach Brazil as well as inspiration to many mission-minded followers that came after him.
  • To be missional means to have church-planting, growing, and strengthening centrally in mind.
    • This means training up converts in the location to lead their own people.
  • The commission to missions is not about committing to “white knight” heroics and actions, it is gospel-centered.
  • It is not about spreading Western culture.
  • It is not about sending “seminary rejects” out unto the fields of the lost. There’s been a scary trend of thinking where those who did poorly in their academic study will simply quit and move onto the “secondary” venture of world evangelism. This is so errant. We are all called to be missional/evangelistic whether at home or away.
  • Those who are sent out should be trained well. This is all the more important when you consider that missionaries may find themselves working alone in remote locations. They must be solidly and biblically grounded.
  • The local church is at the core of all mission endeavors.
    • This includes supporting their missionaries and communicating with them.
    • Any outside support structures would need to be support from like-minded churches or those select para-church groups that consistently aim to be partners to the local church and the missionaries.
  • Evangelism is the activity we individually participate in as we present the gospel to the unbelieving.
    • Despite being individual, it is in community that we can grow to be the best evangelists–especially within a culture of evangelism in the local church.
  • All Christians are called to participate in missions and evangelism. What specific role each of us is to take on can change over the course of our lifetime and in the presence of individual calls.

Note: I do these posts not because I think I’m somehow superior in my views or anything absurd like that but out of a desire to be up-front and honest with my readers as to where I stand. Otherwise, you’d be left to figure things out by reading between the lines and/or guessing.

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