News & Updates

Contained within this page are dated entries revolving around updates and news about the work here as well as related material. Feel free to peruse the content below!

9/9/2019 – I’ve begun to take Hebrew as well as release posts on where I stand on various topics in theology. I’ve already updated the Greek & Hebrew page preparing to add more content there to help you and others who may become interested in studying Hebrew. The Simply Me section is where you will find direct links to the posts I’ve made on different ares of theology.

8/4/2019 – Out of town this week for a funeral so no usual posts for the beginning of this week. However, I’ve been working on some other material that is likely to come out later so stay tuned.

7/17/2019 – Updated the About Me page and includes a section to make space for posts involving where I stand on various things in Christianity.

6/13/2019 – I feel like I’m always multiplying my projects but such things keep me busy and out of trouble so I keep piling them on! I’ve got 4 going just on another site alone. Here, I’ve got Covenantal vs. Dispensational Theology and now I’ll be working on another focused on Sodom and Gomorrah. This second one I’m thinking of making into a book though it is inevitable material from it will be making its way here. Stay tuned to hear more!

6/11/2019 – A severe migraine derailed my regular posts the beginning of this week so I apologize for not getting those out. Expect them to be back next week. Thankfully, I don’t get that sort of migraine too often anymore as they entirely exhaust me and leave me feeling fatigued well into the next day but I still get them from time to time. I welcome your prayers as I continue to battle them and improve my overall health. I will continue to post and plan future content.

4/16/2019 – My return and new content is coming. As my health begins to get in order, my priorities have changed and I’m looking forward to new opportunities and new topics to address.

3/11/2019 – For health reasons, I will be stepping away from further posting for a time. Please enjoy and make use of the the content already in place while I am out. Thank you and I welcome you prayers!

2/4/2019 – First update of 2019. Holidays to now have had plenty of ups and downs. I appreciate you continued prayers. I’m getting myself reorganized and cutting out clutter as well as other distractions. Health… could be better certainly but at least some of that is going to be around long-term so I’ve just gotta work around it. I’ve got a backlog of things I intend to do with the site so expect more to come!

11/12/2018 – At this point, I’m in a transition as I prepare for another series. I have things I intend to post; however, various constraints have kept me from giving such posts their due diligence. I will not post something without giving it the optimum time & effort. I hope to have something up by this next Saturday.

10/8/2018 – With multiple posts up during the week and my being ill over the weekend, there was no post for Sunday the 7th. I intend to be back to the “-ologies & Key Terms” series nex sunday. In the meantime, I’ve added additional links for Greek study helps.

10/2/2018 – As I am currently studying Greek, I have created a page for the study of biblical languages in order to have a place to find help for such studies. I’ve already got one document on there for people to download with more planned. I got the idea after finding that I couldn’t find the practice/study aid I was looking for already made, so I’ve decided to make my own and post them on that page.

As I study, I’m learning things that I want to share. As such, expect the number of posts to begin to more consistently increase from the 1/week.

Once again, thank you for those who’ve been praying for my health. Migraine frequency has gone down now to much more manageable levels. Thank you!

9/2/2018 – I put up the new theme image for the -ologies & Key Terms series. That image will be on all the posts of this series going forward. I’ve already gone back and added it to the previous posts. Those of you who have been praying for my health, I thank you! It is confirmed that I have all the traits of a chronic migrainer so I should expect them to continue but I’m progressively figuring things out that diminish their frequency and intensity.

8/2/2018 – I’ve been doing a bit of clean-up and updating to content today on this site. This includes additions to the Just me… page under About. The migraine issue persists much as in my last update. I’m actually taking something for it now regularly but I’m not convinced that what was prescribed is having an impact as I’ve already had 1 while on the medication. We’ll see how it goes from here. I have plans for further graphical updates to the blog that will come in time.

7/21/2018 – We keep pushing forward! I’m taking Koine Greek this coming fall and am currently working on winding down other courses I’m currently taking. Migraines continue but I’ve gotten into a pattern of taking something for it as soon as it looks like I’m getting a headache which is helping. Hoping to see a neurologist soon. I appreciate your prayers as I continue to work through this.

7/1/2018 – These last few weeks my Sunday posts have come a little later than usual and this is in large part because of some of my health issues. A key element of this is that I’ve become a chronic migrainer. Even so, content will still come! I welcome your prayers!

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