Rules? What's that title about? There's a common thought that Christianity is somehow all about following a long list of rules. This isn't Christianity. What appears to be "rules" are instructions on how to act in ways that bring glory to God. It isn't about how perfectly you can follow a set a rules but … Continue reading Rules


Who/what is he? He was chief among the angels and quite powerful. How powerful? Hard to pinpoint precisely but to be the top angel should say something. Especially when you consider the acts carried out by other angels in the Scriptures by comparison. Regardless, he was the first to fall and then became the source … Continue reading Satan


Sex is a powerful thing for all human beings, Christian or not. It is pleasure-filled, socially powerful, and a profoundly deep part of each of us. There is quite a bit that can be said about sex. However, in this post, I want to focus on how it points to something greater. Modern America primarily … Continue reading Sex

Getting Started

The point of this site? Posting answers to questions revolving around Christ and the scriptures. Why the title? monergist - one who believes in the one work; in this case referring to the one work of God in salvation. Historically, there was another form of monergism represented by Pelagius who believed in the one work of … Continue reading Getting Started