What is apostasy? Dictionary.com a total desertion of or departure from one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc. Etymonline.com late 14c., "renunciation, abandonment or neglect of established religion," from Late Latin apostasia, from later Greek apostasia for earlier apostasis "revolt, defection," literally "a standing off," from apostanai "to stand away" (see apostate (n.)). General (non-religious) sense … Continue reading Apostasy

Greek Verbal Formulas

The following chart gives a convenient one-stop place to compare and contrast the various verbal formulas. Use the following along with the Four-Quad chart to understand verbal formations.See the verbal endings here. aug.stemconnectorverbal endingAorist Activestem+ σα +BAorist Middlestem+ σα + DAorist Passivestem, may change+ θη + BFuture Active+ σ + c.v. +AFuture Middle+ σ + … Continue reading Greek Verbal Formulas