This is a simple definition of terms article. Paedobaptist = child baptizer, these are those who baptize their children in the Christian faith. This is different from credobaptist which quite literally means "I believe baptist". In other words, credobaptists are those Christians who believe only those who profess faith in Christ is to be baptized. … Continue reading Paedobaptist


Prayer is an activity that many Christians, including myself, seem to struggle to do consistently today. We often either allow ourselves to become too distracted and/or we fail to be intentional in setting aside time to do it. Of course, we have no real excuse as prayer can be done anytime anywhere. Much of mine … Continue reading Prayer


As stated in the previous post, agape love is the sort that is emphasized in Scripture. It can be described as self-sacrificial love and others outside of the Bible often refer to it as willful or mindful love (as it requires an act of the will). Just as before, it doesn't matter what we ultimately … Continue reading Agape