New Things Coming

As you know, I don’t typically use this blog to speak on anything besides many of the basics of Christianity.

Well, today is still Christian related but instead more an announcement – some new ventures are being undertaken. First of which is part of a collaboration with a member from my church: a new YouTube channel called Awaken. Awaken is currently under construction but as it progresses, it will carry Scriptural content on the faith.

Anything else? In addition to the scriptural content (short explanations of biblical concepts, scripture reading, etc.), there also will be Spanish content. So in short, the channel will be bilingual.

We are currently getting things into place. The channel has already been created and much of the configuring completed. There’s just a few touches left and from there its beginning to add content. With some recent hardware acquisitions, this becomes all the more possible.

I look forward to where this new venture takes us and I welcome your prayers as we get this going.

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