Square of Stops

Another key chart to learn and memorize when studying New Testament Greek is the square of stops. This becomes important as you deal with word endings that change.

Use the following for memorization practice. 

+ σ+ θ

Just scroll back and forth between these two tables to challenge yourself. I do this by making the part I don’t want to look at, at that moment, be not visible to my eyes by simply scrolling that table off the screen.

+ σ+ θ

If you’re unfamiliar with the square of stops, it is a tool to help you keep track of the Greek characters that transform when in the presence of certain characters that follow. The + sigma (σ) and the + theta (θ) columns indicate what happens when they are added to any of the characters to the left.

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One thought on “Square of Stops

  1. Thanks for these tips on learning Greek. I’ll have to keep them in mind if and when I take on the challenge of learning Greek. I admire your discipline. Have a blessed Christmas, you and yours!

    Isaiah 9: 2, 6

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