Greek Word Tuesday

Welcome to the first Greek Word Tuesday!

Each Tuesday will bring another Koine Greek term found in the Greek New Testament. This is a great opportunity to brush up on Greek and/or to supplement learning.

Today we will get things started with logos.

In the Greek: λογος

Pronunciation (Erasmian): log – ahs

Definition/approximate English equivalent: Many have seen this translated to mean “word” but that’s not the only term in English it can be equivalent to. Others: statement, message, or Logos. As with anything in language translation, context is key!

Example of its use:

  • John 1:1 (Ιωαννην 1:1)
    • Εν αρχη ην ο λογος, και ο λογος ην προς τον θεον, και θεος ην ο λογος.

Note: accents have been left out in the above example.

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