Old vs Young-Earth Creationism (Creationism part 4)

Summation Chart – Young vs. Old Earth

Young-Earth Old-Earth
Thousands of years Millions even billions of years
A literal reading of Genesis 1-2 An at least partially symbolic reading of Genesis 1-2
A largely unified position Unified in old planetary/universe age and in symbolic reading. Varied on just about everything else.
 The creation story is historical narrative. The creation story is allegory, metaphorical, etc. At most, it is only partly narrative.
The fall of man brought death into the world (though there are those who do allow some form of death before the fall). Death was part of the creation from very early and definitely before man’s fall.
Accepts science but rejects anything that appears to clash with the literal interpretation Accepts much of what has been found by modern science as fact

Young and Old-Earth creationists hold mankind to be a special creation of God.

I hope this mini-series has serviced to help shed light on the subject of creationism. If any of this has peaked your interest, I recommend you use the material here as a starting point. To follow, you will find additional information that will help you in such an endeavor.

For further reading:

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