Old vs Young-Earth Creationism (Creationism part 4)

Summation Chart - Young vs. Old Earth Young-Earth Old-Earth Thousands of years Millions even billions of years A literal reading of Genesis 1-2 An at least partially symbolic reading of Genesis 1-2 A largely unified position Unified in old planetary/universe age and in symbolic reading. Varied on just about everything else. ┬áThe creation story is … Continue reading Old vs Young-Earth Creationism (Creationism part 4)

Old-Earth Creationism (Creationism part 3)

Old-Earth  Is there unity among those who hold to this view? There is in regards to what has been spoken in the following questions; however, there is greater variance within this camp when compared to young-Earth. Some common names that appear include: Progressive creationism Gap theory Day-age theory Framework Hypothesis Some would also try to … Continue reading Old-Earth Creationism (Creationism part 3)


Dictionary.com noun 1. the doctrine that matter and all things were created, substantially as they now exist, by an omnipotent Creator, and not gradually evolved or developed. 2. (sometimes initial capital letter) the doctrine that the true story of the creation of the universe is as it is recounted in the Bible, especially in the … Continue reading Creationism