Merriam-Webster.com elec·​tion | \ i-ˈlek-shən  \ Definition of election 1a: an act or process of electing the election of a new governor b: the fact of being elected her election to the Senate 2: predestination to eternal life 3: the right, power, or privilege of making a choice Etymonline.com c. 1300, eleccioun, "act of choosing" someone to occupy a position, elevation to office" (whether by one person or a body of … Continue reading Election

Adiaphora & More

Literally, "matters of indifference." Beliefs or practices which the sixteenth-century Reformers regarded as being tolerable, in that they were neither explicitly rejected nor stipulated by Scripture. For example, what ministers wore at church services was often regarded as a "matter of indifference." The concept is of importance in that it allowed the sixteenth-century reformers to … Continue reading Adiaphora & More