A Prayer List

Near my computer I keep a short list of groups of people that are inherently against Christianity in the world today. I have this list on a notecard and they are there so that I can remember them, pray for them, and pray for those they have persecuted.

I will share with you that list. It isn’t a long list. I fully intend to add to it as I find out about more groups. You’ll notice that could have added generalized groups but I’m purposefully trying to name those that are against us Christians rather than leave them nameless.

  • Al Queda
  • Boko Haram
  • Fulami Herdsmen
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Taliban
  • Various World Governments/Parties
    • Chinese Communist Party
    • Bharatiya Janata Party (Hindu nationalists in India, a political party)
    • Iran (difficult to pinpoint here)

I realize my divisions may be a bit artificial as groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are also quite political but they’re here and listed. Please join me in prayer for their members and those they effect – that they see the light and for encouragement to our brothers and sisters they persecute.

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