Xmas – Part 2

The “mas” in Xmas means “mass” as in a Catholic worship mass.

So the X stands for Christ and the mas stands for mass so it means “Christ mass”.

But wait a minute! If mass is associated with Catholicism, why would Protestants have anything to do with such a term?

Well, what exactly is mass? Mass is the celebration of the Eucharist. This is also called Communion. So Protestants practice it too – despite having differing theologies behind it as compared to Catholics.

In other words, we can also translate the term Christmas or Xmas as

Christ mass = Christ Eucharist = Christ Communion

Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth as we remember why he came – for the sacrifice of His body and blood that he’d sacrifice shed for us later.

Haven’t read part 1, read it now.

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