Xmas – Part 2

The “mas” in Xmas means “mass” as in a Catholic worship mass.

So the X stands for Christ and the mas stands for mass so it means “Christ mass”.

But wait a minute! If mass is associated with Catholicism, why would Protestants have anything to do with such a term?

Well, what exactly is mass?

Mass is the celebration of the Eucharist. This is also called Communion. So Protestants practice it too–despite having differing theologies behind it as compared to Catholics.

In other words, we can also translate the term Christmas or Xmas as

Christ mass = Christ Eucharist = Christ Communion

Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth as we remember why he came–to sacrifice His body and blood (as remembered in Communion) on the cross, paying the penalty for our sins.

Haven’t read part 1, read it now.

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