Quote #8

The following is a partially summarized story originally told by Alistair Begg:

Many who claim to be Christians fail to see the uniqueness of the gospel of the Scriptures! The death, burial and resurrection of Christ, is not central to their belief system.

Alistair Begg illustrated this in a powerful way by relating a story about two guys on a ski lift. One guy, a professing Christian said to the other guy, ‘I believe in Jesus because I know that Jesus lives.’ The other guy, a Buddhist said, ‘How do you know Jesus lives?’ The Christian replied, ‘You ask me how I know He lives, He lives withing my heart!’ The Buddhist quickly responded, ‘I believe in Siddatha Gotama, the original Buddha and he lives within my heart!’ As Alistair Begg so eloquently put it, “The dimwitted Christian had no other answer!” He didn’t know the Christ of the Scriptures; he couldn’t articulate the gospel! Too many Christians are dull of hearing when it comes to the Scriptures, and so they live as though there is no difference between what Jesus claims and what other religious leaders claim!

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