Irresistible Grace

T U L I P, ‘I’ being Irresistible for Irresistible Grace.

This is my favorite as it is through God’s grace extended to us that we even come to Him. It is through this extended grace that we become empowered to saving faith, without which we would only choose to continue in our depravity.

So what about the irresistible part?

This adjective connects us back to God’s election of those who come to Him. It is by His irresistible grace that God effectively calls the elect to Him. Now, this is Not some sort of mesmerizing effect or anything like that (the kind that would force an individual to come to faith in God) but an influencing pull that eventually overcomes all resistance. For some people, their resistance to God is overcome early in life while others later.

The point is that if a person is one of God’s elect, His irresistible grace will prove one day to be truly irresistible to that person. At which point, they will acknowledge God as the Lord of their lives and come to saving faith.

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