On Calvinism

This is a post that helps you the reader to become more acquainted with where I – the author of this site – stand on various topics and theological points. Keep reading to see where I stand on today’s topic.

Qualms and Definitions

Personally, I don’t like to be associated with the name of a person to describe my views but the term has become common, and thus it is used. With that in mind, I don’t think John Calvin would have been thrilled by his name’s use.

This website is actually named because of my position in Calvinism. As I have an aversion to using a person’s name, I turn to “monergist” which translates to “one who believes in one work”. “Gratia” means grace so taken together we get: “one who believes in the one work of grace”.

I came up with the title as historically there was another famous monergist who sparred with Saint Augustine and that would be Pelagius. In the case of Pelagius, he believed in the one work of man’s will. Still a monergist but definitely not the same sort as myself.

If you want more details about Calvinism, I’ve already written on the topic and you can check out the articles related here.

Further Clarification

To be clear, I’m not one of that sort that is going to say something like, “If you’re not a Calvinist, you’re not a Christian!” I don’t agree with that sort of thinking at all.

I would submit that Arminians and others are theologically inconsistent/incorrect/etc. but one’s understanding of Calvinism isn’t absolutely necessary to become a true follower of Christ–that begins simply with what we find in the Gospels. In other words, the tenets of Calvinism are not essential for you to understand to come to real faith in Christ–despite them being very much involved as you do. Though, I believe, it is inevitable that you would come to understand the Scriptures involving such tenets as you grow in your faith–whether you come to the same conclusions as Calvinists or not is a different story entirely.

I fully expect to be before Christ one day among those considered Arminian, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, etc. who were true believers in Christ in this life, and I will not be surprised to hear Christ correcting us all on some point of our theologies or another.

Note: I do these posts not because I think I’m somehow superior in my views or anything absurd like that but out of a desire to be up-front and honest with my readers as to where I stand. Otherwise, you’d be left to figure things out by reading between the lines and/or guessing.

See more in the master list.

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